Join our Design Team!

Want to join our DT?... 

We have an amazing team of creative minds here at Polkadoodles and the focus is on TEAM! 

We are always on the lookout for Team talent and prefer to find people organically rather than specific DT calls, so if you would love to join us please see below for our requirements.... 


Style of Crafter we look for:
We are famous for our downloads, digital stamps and clear/rubber stamps, dies and papers, but our products are in amazing collections which are a full printable paper kit. 

We specifically look for crafters who:
  • Have a beautiful modern style of creating and can take great photos.
  • Regularly create videos and reels and have a YouTube channel. 
  • Show a diverse range of styles and are happy using SVG files, unusual card styles & templates.
  • Create clean and simple cards that are streamlined and modern.
  • Mixed media fans who love to create inky projects including cards, journal pages and home decor.
  • Scrapbookers and Bujo fans.

1. You will be expected to print out all your papers and have a handle (if not an expert) on how to download and print what you use.
So you must have a decent printer and be prepared to do this.

We also provide SVG cutting files so if you have a Silhouette Cameo or Scan n Cut or other electronic cutting machine you will love our images.

2. We are not all about colouring although obviously this is a big part of what we do - we also want traditional paper crafters who love florals, making boxes, decor, concept cards and mixed media too so don't think you cant apply if you don't colour - we have a lot of diversity in our team and we pick people who can bring something new to the mix that we don't already have.

3. Composition and Quality of work - as we are a high profile company we expect our team to showcase our products in the best way possible - this means we expect a good skill level. Great composition of your cards and how you put designs together is important to us and you should be able to show this on your social media posts too.

4. Commitment....We have a large team which is split into smaller sub teams which have slightly different roles.

We are not a small business, we have staff, an office and a warehouse and crafters worldwide buy and use our products every day.  We have to be professional and our team is also expected to be professional too...
If you apply you need to expect to only turn in your very best work, with your very best photos and spelling too...these are basic criteria we expect everyone to have. We know you're not all professional photographers but we expect you to have basic skills in presentation that we can work on and help you get better. 

You need to be great at working to deadlines and fully committing to the role you are given - we don't mess about, we take craft very seriously and we take the education of our customers seriously - if we put our trust in you to interact and help us reach out to our customers we expect you to do your best at all times.

5. We expect a good level of social level engagement from our team - so be prepared to participate on a daily/weekly basis engaging on our social media platforms and Facebook group etc. This is a standard requirement.

We engage together and interact a lot with our customers to enhance and encourage their crafting experience and our own and this makes us feel like one huge family which is very rewarding for everyone and feeds our own creativity.

We are very team orientated and this will probably be like no other team you've been part of before....we want people who genuinely love our products and want to be part of something bigger and better than their own solo ambitions.

By being part of a successful team you will receive personal rewards - including recognition across the crafting community, showcasing your work through our popular channels and large customer base and even the possibility of having your best work shown on TV and working on special projects, but this is earned and is part of the whole process for our long term team members.  We want you to be in it for the long term but you will start on a 3 month trial and we are open to discussions for shorter term partnerships. 

You will be supported all the way in your crafty endeavours but in return we expect dedication and commitment.

You will be rewarded with lots of amazing products you will love, with a steady supply of free stash each month. 
We cannot pay you monetarily for your work but product value will outweigh any monetary value you would expect and you will receive a generous discount in the store.

Digi Choosday (Tuesday) - You will make a project every 2 weeks.
You are expected to post Weekly Posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram plus a 2 Weekly Blog Post.
The team's mission is to specifically promote our Digital Downloads worldwide.

Polkadoodles Saturday - You will make a project every 2 weeks.
You are expected to post Weekly Posts on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram plus 2 weekly Blog Posts.
The team's mission is to promote the full range of Polkadoodles range of products worldwide.

Our Facebook groups help encourage crafters of all levels to show and share their colouring work with like-minded people who love to colour and craft. In craft, colouring can be extremely competitive and I feel that people can often feel intimidated and overwhelmed by some of the amazing work they see. It can be difficult if you don't have much confidence to feel comfortable sharing what you make especially if you personally feel it's not as good as other work you might see. To try and combat this we encourage ALL colouring abilities whether you're advanced or a beginner to share.

Sharing your work is a HUGE and very important part of crafting - you will always receive encouragement and we will never allow any trolling or negative comments within the group. 
Every crafter has to start somewhere and we are all just on a different stage of the craft journey together....I like to think of it as a crafting road around the world....we all set off at the start line but we all start at different times so we all finish at different times and improve along the way. Some people are just a bit ahead of others on the road, that's all.
Our teams post several times per week across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other social media platforms and their job is to encourage and support members of the Polkadoodles groups with their work too.

2. Commenting and Voting - We love to thank people who enter our challenges so every teamie is required to do this on a rota system so it's not too much work.  

3. Be nice! We don't like bad eggs in our team so please be nice and polite to both the team and our customers - negative behaviour does not have a place on our team.

If you'd love to be part of this amazing, friendly and supportive team & want to apply 
Email us HERE!! telling us why we should choose you and recent links to your blog and Facebook pages so we can see your work - we look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I have to say this has to be the BEST explanation of why a blog is important. The rest of the info was great too.
    Note to self....use blog more.
    XX Sue

  2. I like what I read, but most important the explanation you give us for free about social media. Thank you very much.


Thanks for joining us at the Digi Choosday challenge! We love to hear from you so feel free to drop us a comment below! mwaah mwaah! xx